Neikirk Engineering, LLC provides an environmentally aware approach to all of our projects. For us, it is more than a fad. It is an efficient approach to business that just makes sense.

There's No Denying It: "Going Green" is All the Rage

We continually educate ourselves on the most current sustainable materials, methods, and technologies available. For instance, we create storm water or waste water management systems that not only meet local code requirements but incorporate a "green" approach. Two examples of this are the use of pervious concrete to reduce flooding and a dual purpose wedding pool that functions as a detention pond in rain events.

We use pervious concrete to filter, store, and slowly release large quantities of excess water when drainage ordinances or nearby sewer conditions dictate - resulting in little to no runoff, even during a flood event.

Neikirk goes beyond the norm in its use of pervious concrete. We took a unique and highly innovative approach to the Memorial Townhouse project in Evansville, Indiana.

  • A strip of pervious concrete is installed at the center of a paved parking lot
  • Storm water seeps through the strip into a crushed stone-filled trench
  • The trench extends about 7 feet below grade to a dry sand layer
  • The storm water moves through all three layers into the groundwater, naturally getting filtered as it goes

Other benefits of pervious concrete include:
  • Aiding in the achievement of LEED certified design
  • Eliminating the need for retention/detention ponds and other runoff containment options that take up valuable land space by storing the water underground
  • Recharging groundwater
  • Minimizing surface and water pollutants
  • Delaying the formation of potholes
  • Reducing storm water runoff and flooding
  • Meeting U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
  • Recognized as one of the "EPA's Best Management Practices"

Our team looks at the big picture to take advantage of sustainable options. Our experience provides insight into the viability and practicality of these decisions.

Download a copy of our "Going Green" brochure