Neikirk Engineering has civil engineering design experience with a wide variety of projects in the Evansville, IN and Mt. Carmel, IL areas.

Any Design, Anywhere

Neikirk Engineering has design experience with a wide variety of projects, from townhouse complexes, restaurants, schools, and municipal projects, to both retail and residential developments as well as megachurches throughout the country. While each project is unique, every development requires and receives invariable, high-quality services that will serve its end-users effectively for decades to come.

Neikirk prides itself in collaborating with architects who need civil engineering as well as with municipalities and state agencies in need of infrastructure design.

  • Feasibility and Due Diligence Studies
  • Land Use and Site Selection Evaluation
  • Site Grading and Earthwork Analysis
  • Cost Estimates
  • Site Geometric Design
  • Utility Connection Research
  • Ordinance Investigation & Strategy
  • Drainage and Storm Water Management Studies and Design
  • Sanitary and Water Infrastructure Planning and Design
  • Erosion and Flood Control Planning and Design
  • Pavement and Roadway Design
  • Permit Applications and Processing
  • Flood Plain Management
  • Flood Routing
  • Storm Water Modeling

Landscaping – Serving a Dual Purpose

Landscaping serves many purposes from satisfying city ordinances to screening unpleasant structures such as dumpsters. Ultimately, landscaping should add beauty to any site as it fulfills those requisites particular to that specific community. Selecting the proper quantity and variety of plants and integrating them into an environmentally friendly and eye-catching engineering plan is an important consideration.

Neikirk Engineering provides all aspects of landscape design, including perimeter and ornamental fencing, site lighting design, irrigation system design and green design for retaining and detaining water as well as filtering sediment and pollutants in a visually pleasing way.

Construction – Ensuring Quality

Neikirk Engineering collaborates with contractors prior to construction, providing onsite services including construction site surveys to ensure work in completed according to plan specifications. We also act as troubleshooters and problem solvers when the need arises.

We realize our construction managers represent you, our client, on the job site, serving as a liaison among all of the entities involved in your project. Our presence, professionalism, and knowledge ensure quality work that results in an end product of which you can be proud.

  • Budget Preparation Assistance
  • Construction Site Observations
  • Scheduling Assistance
  • Record Drawings (as-builts)
  • Construction Coordination Assistance (contractors, government agencies, utility companies, et. al.)
  • Soil Erosion Control Observations
  • Pre-construction and Construction Progress Meetings
  • Bid Process Administration & Bid Tabulation
  • Construction Staking
  • Documentation of contract quantities
  • Final Acceptance and Approvals As
  • Construction Testing and Inspection

neikirk engineering civil engineering

Project Description:
New Multi-Unit Apartment Facility – $15 M project
Construction Surveying, As built ALTA Survey, Modeling of Existing Stormsewer system to Correct Deficiencies and Eliminate On-Site flooding.

land surveying

Project Description:
New Hotel
Complete Site Design, Stormwater Management System Design, Sanitary Sewer Extension, Construction Drawings and Specifications.

evansville IN land surveying

Project Description:
Demolition and Rebuild of Existing Pizza Hut Stores
Complete Site Design, Topographic Survey, Stormwater Management System Design, Drainage Plan, Erosion Control Plan, Landscaping Plan, Irrigation Plan, Construction Drawings and Specifications, and city Review Process.

neikirk civil engineering

Project Description:
New Ryder Truck Facility
Site design, Stormwater Management System Design, Erosion Control Plan, Construction Drawings, Construction Surveying.

land surveying evansville indiana

Project Description:
New Life Center Phase I – $5.5 M project
Complete Site Design, Topographic Survey, Stormwater Management, Erosion Control Plan, Construction Drawings and Specifications