Company History

Neikirk Engineering, LLC provides expert engineering services and solutions to clients involved in land development including commercial facilities, higher education, industrial, institutional, and residential projects.


Serving private and public sector clients alike, Neikirk Engineering is staffed by highly trained and licensed professionals, supported by cutting-edge equipment and technology, and dedicated to delivering personalized, full-service expertise in the fields of civil and municipal engineering and land surveying.

With more than 30 years of experience in multi-discipline projects, Neikirk Engineering has the capability and depth in a wide range of professional services to address complex projects. Using a client interactive and proactive project management approach, Neikirk Engineering can assist in providing a variety of Civil Engineering, Landscape Design, Construction and Surveying services.

Neikirk Engineering continually strives to create mutually respectful long-term working relationships, throughout all of our service area; Engineering, Landscaping, Construction, and Surveying.